Tuesday, March 4, 2008

welcome to the good life.

I like kanye west.  sure, i'm convinced that he's arrogant, conceited, and egotistical... all while, he's busy making more money in a month (probably week) than i'll ever see in my lifetime... but I still like him.  He's got style... and there is something about his boldness that is so good at grabbing my attention. He is a talented man who is very good at what he does. 

Now with that being said, he's not entirely what this post is about.  My point in bringing him up is that he's got a song called "the good life" where he raps about things like being on t.v., ferraris, and vegas... this is his definition of the good life...  and okay, sure all those things have potential to be fun and great... but taking a step back from the wanting and wishing is often refreshing.

case in point... On sunday nights, our yellow house takes a temporary jump in occupants, by means of an 8 year old beauty/comedian/dancer/angel... (impressive resume already, i know)... our hannah.  She spends a few hours with us every week while her granddad goes to play hockey.  Our time usually consists of making up games, doing crafts, eating pickles (did i mention she had excellent taste?), and finding the ground where 8 and 24 year olds meet.  She is seriously a gift.  I love it when God uses her to teach me things, show me stuff, and hug me :)   Every interaction I have ever had with her, in her tiny, short, yet complex life has made my life that much better.  This past week,  the three of us (add an aud) decided that we would get a snack and watch whatever was on the disney channel while audry put french braids in her hair.  Well, the request was made that the hair style session wait until after the snack was done... she just wanted to enjoy it, and apples take more concentration when you want to eat them whole, and you're small.  And since it was a valid point, Aud got a big blanket and the three of us sat side by side (hannah sandwich on cousin) on the couch with our apples in hand.  As we sat there, she looked back and forth between the two of us a few times. smiled. looked at the Disney Channel. smiled. snuggled back as she wiggled herself into place, and after a sigh of contentment, said, "ahh... this is the life".

It's true though right?  I mean at the root of each of us is the desire to be loved.  Sure, it's easier to love someone we know well, but most of the time that's incentive enough to know people better.  right?  For me to think that somewhere in the equation of couch+ apple+love+blanket+ time+... there was a line of fulfillment crossed, was not only rewarding for hannah, but for me as well.  What a beautiful design.  I love it when I am reminded of how God has really thought of everything!  What a gift it is that we get to be a part of something SO big as showing people love... and receiving it.  

Sure it can be tricky, confusing, tough, frustrating, intricate and take a lot of effort.  But sometimes it's worth it for that kind of understanding of what the good life is really all about. 


Dana said...

if i was hanging out sitting between you and aud, i would say "ahhh this is the life" too:)

Chris said...

i like that post...is it okay if i borrow your idea for a future post of mine? okay thanks :)

if you had to think through every moment in your life that you were able to say / could have said "ahh this is the life" what percent of them would involve Mason YL somehow? I'm guessing 7%

Katie said...

Whether you broke or rich you gotta get this...having money's not everything that having it is.

- My favorite Kanye lyrics in this song. And it makes me think that he just might actually understand YOUR interpretation of "the good life".

...and that's another reason to love Kanye. :)