Friday, September 24, 2010

here, kitty kitty.

Growing up, my sisters and I had a cat named Whiskers.

A very fitting name for a cat, seeing as his original name, Elephant, was up for debate on appropriateness. 3 year old Sara knew her animals and colors well, and seeing as the cat was grey, and well... an animal, her witty little self tried "Elephant" on for size. And when days passed by, and it didn't quite fit, the change to Whiskers it was. (an obviously practical change, that to this day, kinda blows my mind that I haven't met another)

There are lots of stories about that cat. "That cat" kinda speaks a lot of the general opinion on him. He wasn't a cuddler, but rather, a hunter. He didn't tolerate 3 little girls putting bonnets on him, but would rather kill (bunny) rabbits, and display his prey to our dad on the front porch. My mom, and 2 sisters were allergic to him, and when those itchy noses would act up, to the basement he would go. My sisters and I were horrified when we discovered that Whiskers turned our outdoor sandbox into a "champagne wishes and caviar dreams" sized litter box; and when he would wander away for days at a time, nobody seemed to bat a lash. It's not that we didn't care for him, we did. We just never got super attached. Because let's be honest... who likes cats?!

I can't help it. I'm a dog person. I want to like cats, but I just don't. And judging by the history, neither did my family.

or so i thought.

until I met this kitten.

Readers, this tiny creature of cuteness is the kitten that my sister found outside a bar in Chicago named, "The Money Shot". And since Sara has kept that same wit sharp all these years, Penny was deemed an appropriate name for the kitten, and so it was. Penny went back to Glenlake street with Sara that fateful night, and has been home ever since.

Audry and I went to visit Sara a few weeks ago, and subsequently, the kitty-kitty too. I have to admit, preconceived opinions are hard to break. Sure, she was cute, I mean, she IS a tiny animal, but a cat nonetheless. But I admit, even with multiple swings of her tiny cat paws, and heart startling pounces, she managed to start a slight change of heart in me, one snuggle and kitten stretch at a time.

Sara still has her allergies, yet no basement... and even though she's talked of giving the kitten away to her friend in the apartment above her, I think she'll just keep that idea as a permanent back up plan. A plan that she can find rest in on days when her throat is itchy and nose drippy... then pop some Claritin.

Penny is just the cutest. At least for now, while she's small.

[I think I'm kidding]

But for real, I'm glad they have each other... and that Sara has never been one to pass on collecting spare change from the sidewalk.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

when the sun goes down.

A conversation I had with a 75 year old woman yesterday.

Me: "okay, it looks like the doctor wants to see you back in about a month for a follow up. How does October 26th at 1:45 work for you?"

Lady: "oooooh boy, don't you have anything earlier?! It starts to get dark early in October, and I don't like to drive in the dark!"

Me: [dumbfounded...thinking] wait. are you kidding?! I said 1:45, as in AFTERNOON, as in, you know we always run on time, as in, where is the hidden camera?

I literally just stared at her.

Me: "well, we don't have anything open earlier right now, but how about we keep the 1:45, and I'll put a note for someone to give you a call if something opens up."

Lady: (hesitantly) "okay."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumnal Equinox!

Well, it's here. The first day of Fall has arrived! The great thing about weather in Michigan is that it keeps you on your toes. Weeks ago, while up north for Labor Day weekend, it was as cold as mid-November, yet trees were full of green! Then yesterday rolls around, the eve of the great Autumnal Equinox, and Summer stubbornly dug her heels into the dirt, and refused to leave without a fight. 85 and sunny. That's Michigan for you.

Now that I'm years out of school, I'm never too sad to see Summer leave. Fall is my favorite, and though I'll acknowledge that Summer is far too short, Fall is shorter. Before I know it, the days of scarves, college football and pumpkins will be replaced with Winter coats, shovels, and starting my car 5 minutes early.

Yesterday, I celebrated the coming of this day of hemispherical symmetry (today the sun finds itself directly over the equator, making for 12 hours of sunlight!) with a farewell to Summer, and step into Fall. Before the new shows started (welcome back Glee!), Audry, Walter and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood. I enjoyed the warm breeze, and noted all the signs of Summer that will soon be gone. Boy 1 pulling boy 2 around on a bike, the neighbor watering his lawn, and the multiple porch sitters. When I got home, I made a batch of green bean soup. I had the ingredients from the inaugural attempt last week, and it turned out just as great! The house continued in that limbo between Summer and Fall for the rest of the night: It smelled great, good T.V. was on, but it was still too hot. The air was on all night, as Summer literally went out with a BANG. A storm so loud it even woke me, the deepest of sleepers. And with that, 85 and sunny turned into mid 60's and rainy.

So it seems as stubborn as Summer is about leaving, Fall is ready to make it's appearance. But knowing Michigan, this battle could go on for weeks :)

Fall blessings!