Sunday, December 14, 2008

peanut butter and pine cones.

 There is always something about this time of year that stirs up an extra bit of nostalgia.  

Last week when Hannah was over, we made hot chocolate, and put up the Christmas tree.  Every once in a while, Aud and I would be putting up an ornament, and go.. "ohhhh remember this one?!?" and then share a memory about it, and tell Hannah why it was special.  Even our mom popped in the room and said, "oh... I love that bunch of grapes at the top of the tree, it always reminds me of my dad" :) 

Well, if you're wondering if that Picture is our Christmas tree... it's not... But... it does carry it's own bit of significance.  You see, spending pretty much your whole life in the same city does heighten the probability that your tri
ps down memory lane will increase. 
That's the tree outside the police station in downtown.  Every year around Christmas they have a special tree decorating party.  Growing up, my sister and I would go with our girl scout troop (handmade ornaments in tow) and go for the celebration.  Saturday, Aud and I were running some errands and saw this years decorations.  You see, WAY WAY back in our day, we would spread peanut butter on a pine cone, dip it in bird seed, and it was an ornament.   On our way back from the bank, we decided to stop and admire this years tree trimmings.  The one to the right is the one that caught my eye @ first glance... and rightfully so :)

We walked around for a few minutes and admired, laughed, and tried to figure out the thought process of developing some of the unique gifts on the tree.  See, every ornament on the tree is made of edible items for animals (who probably look forward to it as much as the kids).  Some had already fallen to the ground, but it just added to the character of it all :)  It was heartwarming to see the layout of this masterpiece.  All, and I mean ALL the ornaments were all set yay high... as in not any higher than my eyesight... just high enough for the little ones reach :) it's awesome. 

what are your favorite Christmas memories?!? 

p.s. - please enjoy the pic below of what we have lovingly named, "The Christmas Sloth".  It resides out front the apartment across the way from my friend Andrea.  I'm sure it will not be a forgotten holiday memory for that family...

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Katie said...

Okay...#1: I love the Christmas sloth. #2: Em Baker and I were just talking about decorating that tree the other day. AND the pinecone ornaments. And how we would have to get all bundled up and go out there for the holiday sing.

This is just another reminder that, although we didn't know you and Aud yet, we still enjoyed (or were forced to do) the same things. :)

Thanks for documenting this, Em, in a presentation that only YOU can give. Love you!