Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny with a high of 75

I'll be the first to say that one of the top reasons I love living in Michigan is because of the four seasons... no, not as in Frankie Valli and his boys... although ever since I saw the movie Heart and Souls, I will forever love with the song "Walk Like a Man" :)  It was one of the first movies to ever stir emotion in my heart... I think I was ten, maybe twelve when I first saw it. 

Anyway, back on track... I love the seasons.  I love the gifts that each one brings, and honestly, feel bad for people who don't get to experience all of them in their glory! I still look forward to the first snow every year.  My heart is refreshed with joy when I see the first little flower poke its way through the soil (and am thankful that God continues to be faithful in bringing Spring again!). I love driving with the windows down, and sometimes air on too, because life is too short to not experience something so close to perfect! And I will always look forward to crunchy leaves, and hearing the weatherman prep his viewing area on when colors will be at their peak! See... I really do love them all :) 

Although, today, when I was looking at some old pics on my dads computer, I couldn't help but get excited for Summer to get here...  I'll post the pictures and explain why. 

This picture is one of my favorite summer pictures. For an obvious given, it's one of my favorite people :) But I love so many things about summer in this picture. 


* I love that you can tell it's the end 
of the day by the shadows that are being cast... and that it doesn't matter, because it's still beautiful enough to be outside. 
* I love the green... all the shades of beautiful green!
*Short sleeves and rosy cheeks!
* I love that it makes perfect sense to drink coca cola out of  a yellow, plastic goblet. 
* I love how Hannah's hair tells the story of how much playing was done that day. 
* and most of all, I love thinking back to the conversations that were had between Audry and our little Han.  Oh yeah... and the other pictures we took, that I guarantee will be duplicated her senior year of high school (I know... I would )

This is another great summer shot.  It's from our trip out to Krista's family cottage in Canada.  It's perfect because...

*we all were able to clear our busy schedules to spend a few days together.
*it was perfect weather for popsicles or cold beer.
* our (un)scheduled event was to watch God's glorious sunset...He never messes those up.



I love this shot.  It's not frame worthy, but it captures family summer parties.  And one more set of reminders on why summer is welcome back with open arms.

*you can sit on the back porch, and be entertained by all the outdoor activity.
*bare feet. 
* Dasha being tired from running her little heart out in the backyard... but still willing to take a stroll with her buddy :)
* First base not quite being tagged, but I think that's okay when the other team is all facing the opposite direction.
*slip n' slide.... need I say more?!?

how great is it that we get to experience it all!?!  I'm sure i'll eventually be back with my Winter, Spring, and Fall highlights too :) but until then... tell me why you're looking forward to welcoming back summer?!?!


Katie said...

the beginning of warm weather also the signals that it's time to do the drink swap! during summer, I trade in my hot Starbucks drinks for ice cold frappaccinos. and it's always a welcome change. And also, summer means about 3-4 times the amount of ice cream that I get to have the rest of the year. :)

Shoeaddict329 said...

Cupcake! I love how all of your pictures just absolutely, without a doubt, capture the essence of summer...I love the warm evenings of sitting oustide until way past the sun has gone and the moon has come up and you can wear flip flops without freezing your toes off. I love watching the sun go down, taking walks by the lake, sitting outside to read a book for an hour, only to realize that you've burned the front of your arms & legs - but not the backs of them!! :) and my number one favorite thing of summer is having a Walker family dinners outside on the deck and then going for a Walker family walk down Farmington Road. *sigh* I can't wait...