Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I got an email from my friend kristen this morning.  

word for word as follows:

"Youch....  hope you laughed, is it time to go on vacation yet?"

So much in so little.  three reasons the shortest email received today was in fact the best.

1. we returned from vacation less than 12 hours earlier.
2.  kristen is one of those people that really gets my humor.
3. it's all about a little youtube video, that kept us laughing way longer than in should have.  it's awesome. chances are you've seen it... and even better chances that you won't think it's AS funny as we did... but no doubt, worth your time.  

I hope you enjoy! and take note of around 1:13... youch.



Dilyn said...

that is the best youtube video of all time. it never gets old after so many times watching it haha

Dana said...

i say "youch" all the time now, mainly as a result of this post and the video