Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Day Rewind.

July of 2008 held one of the most unique and fun weekends of my life. Over three days, some of my closest friends and I got to be part of, and celebrate the wedding of David and Deepa. The joining of cultures of these two families was such a rare pairing, that it's even featured in the movie, "27 Dresses" as an example of a far out wedding. Dancing behind Indian horses, and standing alongside a Jewish chuppah, I was a part of my first, and perhaps only ever, Hin-Jew wedding (that's the actual name lovingly labeled by bride and groom).

In the midst of so much excitement, and details, and fun, a minor detail slipped through the cracks for the bride and groom... outdoor wedding pictures. For months, the B&G made comments about how it was the one thing they wished could have been different, and for months, I thought, "we should just do something about it!" A year and some odd change later, we did. It may have been traditional; bride and groom only, white dress - black tux, local park... but it happened.

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend, I got to expand on one of my passions, photography, with two willing photo subjects! We had a beautiful day filled with sunshine and white clouds on a blue sky! exactly what Labor day weekend is supposed to look like in my book :) Enjoy some pics of the lovely couple, a year later, and happy as ever to have each other!

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