Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog Monday: Accomplishments.

What are 4 things you'd like to accomplish by Friday? Sometimes I'm too tired to read before bed. I'll think I want to, then I find myself reading the same paragraph a couple times over before I tell myself, "this isn't fun". Forced reading is never fun. However, most of the time, I enjoy reading a little before I fall asleep. I only have a few chapters left in my latest read, Love Walked In, and in hopes of taking a new book to Grand Haven with me this weekend, I'm going to invest some time in finishing that up! It's also a little incentive when today, a new patient came in with a Sparks book i've never read, and recommended another... assuring me that the main male character in one is the epitome of a true romantic... swoon. Even though Dasha spends these days with my parents, I still consider her my pup. In recent weeks, it's been brought to my attention {multiple times} that she's in dire need of having her nails trimmed. When they get too long, she bites them. and an 80 pound dog biting her nails, isn't quite the same as one of those pixie dogs. I should add that part of my hesitation in taking her in lies in my most horrific "dog mom" moment to date. A while back, I thought I'd save time and money by clipping her nails myself. Good idea turned to bad idea in one snip. Dasha yelped, I winced, blood everywhere. I started crying because I hurt my dog baby, and then I felt like a losebag for crying over a dog(s toenail?!). Well, after bandaging up her foot {in an over protective motherly fashion}, I vowed never to walk that path again. To this day, it's still hard for me to know that I'm subjecting her to the same possible torture every time i drop her off at the groomer. All I can say is, God help my future children... and I'll call Petsmart tomorrow.

get.over.the.shock: I think you guys might know this already. I sold my older nikon, and updated to a newer one. I'm so overwhelmed with my new toy, that I've found myself a little scared to use it. It's like I have a 1959 Corvette Stingray in the garage, and I won't drive it! Okay, so maybe that analogy isn't quite comparable, but kinda. It's beautiful, and does so many things I'm excited about; but the multiple lenses, and added features are overwhelming me! This week, I need to just take a deep breath, and start with step one: read the manual {and stop using the box as a nightstand}. In the meantime, let me know what photo shoots I can sign you guys up for. say cheese :D

visit.granny: A few months ago, my family set up a schedule where someone would be stopping by to spend time with granny daily. In all honesty, I haven't made my Thursday granddaughterly duties a priority. This week I will. Can someone make sure that I do?

Monday Blessings!


Krista said...

1. what Sparks book are you going to read now?
2. I'm glad you used "losebag" in your blog.
3. get that camera out! Justin and I aren't far behind you -- sounds like we're buying a new camera in the next few weeks. maybe you and I can set up a "let's use our new cameras" date and then learn how to use photoshop together :)
4. go visit granny. I'll remind you on g-chat.

Katie Veenstra said...

Oh Em. You're so eloquent. Mostly cuz you used the word Losebag. But for real. You are. Love!

lu said...

Emily! So glad to be reading your blog again! How'd you like the book? I read it this fall - thought it was good, sweet.

Miss you and Aud! I wasn't invited to the big Tigers games like my son was. But I only would have gone to see you two anyway! Maybe we can catch up sometime.


E.M. said...

Krit- I think i'm going to give "the wedding" a try.

Laura! I'm glad you're still reading! I liked the book too. Similar thoughts, I really liked the main character.

We'll have to plan some time together soon!