Tuesday, June 22, 2010

blog monday: what's that you smell?!

Cesar Millan, the infamous dog whisperer, says that the reason dogs like to stick their heads out car windows, is due to their keen sense of smell. He says they love to smell everything that's going by them, and my pup is no exception.

That's Dasha on her way home from the groomer yesterday, enjoying anything and everything that passed her little, wet nose. Which brings me to the topic of this weeks blog monday:

What are 4 of your favorite smells?

ThanksgivingMorning: I don't even love stuffing, and I hate seeing that gizzard thing floating in the gravy the morning of. But the overall smell of Thanksgiving morning is the gateway to all things I love about that day. Growing up, Thanksgiving was always the one day a year I would wake up (early, even) to the most delicious combination of smells. I'd make my way downstairs to find my mom and dad working together to create all the staples of the meal. The turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, bread, and yes, gizzard gravy.

CampFire: This is my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. Anytime I smell it, it's more likely than not, to hear an, "mmm" or a, "campfire! my favorite!" from, yours truly. Interestingly enough, although "fresh" (for lack of a better word) campfire is my all time favorite, "day after" campfire is one of my absolute LEAST favorite smells. It's such a disgrace to the real thing. Am I wrong?!

MomWasHere: This one is a flashback. way way (way) back when, when I was a little girl, my granny used to get me and my sisters up for school. Granny never lived with us, but with 2 working parents out the door before 8am every morning, she stepped in to fill the gap. As sleepy as I was, it was always comforting to walk into the downstairs bathroom. I knew my moms routine, and the last thing she would do before she left the house was spray on her perfume in that very place. Sometimes I would stand there, in hopes that some of that leftover mom scent would find its way onto me. The thought of that memory still warms my heart, and give me much appreciation for a working, loving, and good smelling mom.

AudrysBakery: fine. so she doesn't have one yet. But, if her bakery smells anything like our kitchen did tonight (baking both classic and gluten free chocolate chip cookies), yesterday (making chocolate croissants), or how it will tomorrow (making cherry cream scones), there is no way it will not be one of my favorite smells!


Katie Veenstra said...

great smells, Em. And Dasha story to start it off. :)

And a mom's perfume smell is one that is just.so.good. Reading your story reminded me of the memories associated with my mom's fragrance. :)

as always. great post. :) love!

Sara said...

The MomSmell stuff gets me every time. Top three smells that remind me of her instantly? The original scented Chapstick, Oil of Olay and orange Tic Tacs. My mind jumps to her without me even being aware of it. You say my breath is a little offensive and you'd like to offer me a orange mint? *Flashback* Driving in the Toyota listening to American Pie. Crazy, really.

To answer your question, though, here are some of my favorite smells: fresh strawberries, water (rain or beaches), and bacon. One of my least favorite? Cardboard.

That is all. Love you like whoa.

Katie Veenstra said...

I think Sara should start a blog... I'm just saying - I'd follow ya. ;)

SG said...

What that Dasha photo lacks in concern for other motorists, it certainly makes up for in awesomeness.