Tuesday, November 30, 2010

honey... oh, sugar sugar.

It started around 2 o'clock.

you never really think about your throat until it hurts. And it just crept up on me. It always does. all the sudden, it was there.

At first I thought that it could be cured with a peppermint. That's the optimist in me. The optimist that thought, "it could just be dry. I could just need a drink of water... or a peppermint". and then, after the second one, I started to panic. not a lot, just a little. Because that's what you do when you realize that no matter how deep you dig your heels, you're going to get pushed off the edge into sickness. what a drag.

Getting sick is never convenient.

My brain starts wandering. What if I go to bed, wake up, and feel worse? What if it's so bad that I have to call in. I can't call in. I have patients tomorrow. I can't. I mean, I could. I just shouldn't. and how did I even get sick? and why do I think that I'm more important at work then I really am? but how did I get sick??!? great. I had a massage yesterday. I bet they didn't change the sheets before me. that's nasty. No... I know. great. I was in a hospital yesterday. I probably picked it up from some germ infested visitor. Either that, or it's my roommate that's sick with a URI. great. that's not what I have... is it? it's not. I may be sick, but starting now, I choose NOT to be a hypochondriac. It's probably just a cold. or bird flu.

The real issue is that it's my throat. That's kinda the worst, and I just wanted to complain. I mean, "the worst" until I have the stomach flu or a migraine that won't quit. Then I'll redefine, I'm sure.

And as I sit here on the couch, in a warm house with a glowing Christmas tree, I've decided to take it easy tonight. Relaxing, while I send up selfish little prayers of "please make me better before Friday" between additional prayers for Granny and all the while, catching up on Glee.

I'm going to stay here for now, while I recover and continue to drink tea with my head tilted to the right. This way, the honey can coat the spot that aches when I swallow.

Hopefully filling my sick quota early... that's a real thing, right?

you guys...

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Katie Veenstra said...

sick quota? Yes! That's a real thing! :) Get sick now and you get a "get out of being sick free" card for the CCD, NYE, and the whole week of SBDR2011.

At least that mug you're using is cute. :)