Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Katy Perry and Zygotes.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I drove home from work yesterday. I got a call from my dad at 5:02pm, and he said that he still hadn't heard from my mom or uncle. Which in turn meant that they still hadn't spoke to a doctor regarding my granny, which meant Hannah would be waiting for me at home.

I walked in the door to find Audry making pizza sauce (yes, making), and Hannah asking her if "zig" was a real word. I stepped into the conversation, and as I washed my hands (re: the impending cold), I said, "I think it might be, but I'm not entirely sure I've ever heard it NOT paired with zag". So she got her dictionary, I got my laptop, and we sat down to find out.

I love my time with Hannah. I say it all the time, but it's true. Her face lights up upon every greeting, and she's such a fun, witty, well behaved girl. And who doesn't appreciate that in an eleven year old? She finished her homework before dinner, and as we ate, we discussed Hannah's love for learning about rocks, hypothesis' on why the cookies she and Aud made were mushy in the middle, and whether Katy Perry is actually a good singer (I voted no).

It's night like that, where it's cold and dark by 6, but inside, all is merry and bright, that I love the motions of life. day to day life. I didn't mind discussing scattered topics while Demi Lovato's newest song played for the 4th time, and I explained what I knew about zygotes. I didn't mind because I love her, and I want to be a part of her growth. I love seeing her get smarter, and funnier, and more beautiful.

Her time at the house ended in a way we both love. She let me snap a few pics of her in front of the Christmas tree, and then a few more of her with Walter the dog. And when I wasn't feeling up to dancing around like a lot of pre-teens do, she opted to dance by herself. And dance she did, with a "do you know the difference between the Jerk and the Reject?" and a "hey! I think I just made up a new dance move!" [don't worry. I didn't know there was a dance called the "reject" either]. Eventually, Audry joined in with her dancing. After all, they both have hair that is great for a good swing. And both of them put it to good use.

And so I snapped away. And I captured the moment. And when her dad called to say he'd be there to pick her up in 15 minutes, she stopped abruptly and asked if that was enough time to get a double French braid. Because apparently, the kids in her class love talking about her hair when it's wavy. And what female doesn't just love a good hair day? So I put my braiding skills to work, and knocked out the cutest of French braids on my favorite model. And took a picture of it, of course.

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