Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Monday: anticipation!

As a general way of life, I always try to have things on my calendar to look forward to. It can make all the difference on a dragging Thursday to know that fun waits on the other side of 5 o'clock, with Happy Hour at Ronin. ($2 edamame and $4 spicy salmon crunch rolls!)

This weeks blog monday involves anticipation, and more specifically: what are 4 things/events you're anticipating on your calendar? These could be things you are excited about, nervous for, dreading, or simply waiting for.
drum roll please.............

WhatToDoWithGranny: I'll get the stressful/anxious anticipation out of the way first. Granny came home on Tuesday afternoon after spending almost 3 days in the hospital. She had a fall late Saturday night which landed her there (not literally). Anyway, physically she's healing up, but mentally, she's in need for support. Assisted living homes are pricey. very pricey. And honestly, nobody really wants to take on the daunting task of having her move in with them. For the time being, we're taking turns as a family spending time with her. It's comforting to know she now has someone with her 24/7, but it's already proved to be a big test on my family.

IHopeItsMostlyDownhill: On Tuesday the 20th, I'm going with 5 friends to tour Detroit. I've been excited about this plan for months. I want few things more than to see Detroit thrive as a city again in my lifetime. The coolest thing about this tour though, is that we're going to do it on bikes! There is a business downtown called Wheelhouse Detroit ( that does different themed tours all over the city. The one we are signed up for is called, "Urban Agriculture Bike Tour", and will take us through local Detroit foodways. We will visit local farms and gardens, and end where this food reaches the consumers forks!

Art&Drafts: This weekend is the Farmington Founders Festival, and next week welcomes the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Between the 2 of those, I plan to get my fill of strolling past tents, and purchasing food and drinks with tickets. The FFF brings back fond memories of growing up. From participating in the Parade every year in high school, to even dealing with one of my first disappointments. Merely rolling past the festival in the R.V., glad to be going on vacation, but sad to be missing the water balloon yoyo's and honey sticks. This year, I'm going to try to get my hands on an Art Fair poster. They're so cute! Totally, "vintage meets happens to match the color scheme in my room."
It might be fate. :)

PaloozaParty: I promise not to wish July away. However, with that being said, I'm possibly too excited about this palooza. Last years first annual got us started out on the right foot. And from the preliminary plans of it, this one will not disappoint. The only problem, is that it's shaping up to be too short (Bangles, remember it was 3 days last year!?). No matter if we end up on the beach, at loft, or on the driving range, I know we're in for a blast. Friends, food, and fun is how life should be celebrated. I can't wait!

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Katie Veenstra said...

Arts&Drafts - nice, Em. :) I'm excited to hear about the bike tour! (And I'm sure my dad will be exicted to hear about it too!) But I would have to agree, we don't want to wish away July, but August is just going to be TOO much fun. :)