Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Monday: playlist.

What are the top 4 songs you play on repeat now, and why?

It's summertime, and with sunshine and warm weather, music just sounds better. I'm going to tie into my blog title with this one, and list my top 4 by the best part.

YouDon'tGetAnotherChance.LifeIsNoNitendoGame: Love The Way You Lie, Eminem feat. Rihanna. In the past few weeks, I've become increasingly more excited about the fact that on Sept. 2, I will be joining 11 of my friends to the most epic Detroit concert of the year. Shawn Carter and Marshall Mathers. I've had The Blueprint 3 for months, and have agreed with Mariah since the heartbreaker days... simply loving just about everything Jay say, Jay does. Eminem, is vulgar. He loves Hailey (and Laney). He hates his mom (we get it). And as much as many of his lyrics make my skin crawl, I can't help it that I've always been someone who pushes for the hometown guy. Add that to a good backbeat with creative lyrics, and you've got yourself a fan. And I have to say, that ultimately, he proved himself to me as a performer, securing my favorite MTV-VMA performance of possibly all time when he brought out all those slim shadys!

WhatUpOprah: Billionaire, Travie McCoy. This song has recently been on replay for that simple part in the song. It's funny, right?! you don't have to answer. I know it is. First off, it's funny how much he talks about Oprah in the song, but secondly, it's pretty hilarious when that background guy gives her a shoutout towards the end. What up, Oprah!

FineFreshFierceWeGotItOnLock: California Gurls, Katy Perry. All I can say is that this is my summer jam. It's everything poppy I want to be listening to on the beach, or in the car. It makes me want to wear my cut-off jean shorts with a bathing suit underneath... and further confirms that I should probably look into owning a jeep. I love Snoops intro into the song, and Katy Perrys bubbly reply to his questions {uh huh!}. I'm loving it while I can, b/c inevitably, it will be thrown into the "once great, but now overplayed" pile. Until then, play on!

INeedNoPermission.DidIMention.Don'tPayHimAnyAttention: Single Ladies, Beyonce Knowles. This is slightly dated, but still a goody. A goody, as long as the setting is not at a bouquet toss at a wedding. I've never been a fan of those. The story as to why this song recently has resurfaced includes a cross dresser, karaoke night, and 8 slightly out of place patrons. The story is better in person, but I'll tell you that sadly (and by sadly, I mean thankfully), the ladies never got the opportunity to perform in public.


Shoeaddict329 said...

What great songs to have on repeat! I'm loving your playlist! You should add that song by Steel Magnolia, I think it's called "Cant' Stop Loving You" or something...makes me wanna dance! :)

E.M. said...

speak to my heart CW! i'm gonna keep on, keep on, lovin' you... Stroooong and Slow.

that one!? Love!

but if you love that, then you should listen to "why don't we just dance" by Josh Turner. you'll love it!

Katie Veenstra said...

great songs, Em. And Yes, WudUpOprah! IS funny. But you already knew that. :) love!