Friday, July 23, 2010

Wheelhouse Detroit

On Tuesday, I went with a group of friends on a true adventure.

We went downtown, and checked out what Wheelhouse Detroit is up to in the city. Wheelhouse is a small business started by 2 friends who love Detroit, and their bikes. Together, they've developed a great number of tours, all within Detroit city limits, that are headed up by knowledgeable locals. I can't encourage you enough to have this experience for yourself. I learned a lot, saw many cool things, and had a blast. The 6 of us took the Urban Agriculture tour, and rode bikes up and down the riverfront, side streets, and obviously, urban gardens. The ride was 2 hours, with frequent stops and +/-15 miles of covered ground.

The group learning about what EarthWorks is doing in Detroit neighborhoods.

The Earthwork gardens provide food to neighborhood residents, as well as local restaurants, like Motor City Brew Works and Foran's!

Area churches are doing their part, and creating new gardens around the city.

This is our group learning about a new farming project that's in development near Eastern Market.

Krista during our break at Supino Pizzeria near Eastern Market.

Our whole gang, back at the Wheelhouse post tour!

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Krista said...

One of my favorite nights while living on the east side so far! Highly recommend it :)