Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Monday: I'm going out to play.

This weeks Blog Monday got inspiration from the fact that Tuesday, I rode bikes with friends in Detroit. Growing up, I swear I spent at least half my waking (summer) hours outside, and half of those on a bike. We had hills, and trails, and neighborhood boys to run away from. So this week, we take a step back, and share:

"As a kid, what are 4 things you used to love to do/play"

DoYouWantFriesWithThat: It should come to no real surprise to America, that one of my favorite games to play as a kid was "drive thru window". It's not like I grew up thinking McDonalds was one of food groups, but I was just like every other kid, and I loved the stuff. I probably got it once a week, and supplemented for any additional desires by creating my own eatery. My parents have a kitchen window that overlooks the front porch. Basically, one person stayed inside, and everyone else went out. Anyone outside would then wait in (the drive thru) line, place their order, and wait for the food to be passed out the window. Shockingly, I never worked in a food establishment in all my years. Perhaps I worked way too many hours in the industry as a child... and didn't even collect minimum wage.

ManPoweredVehicle: All it took was one TV show about rickshaws to spur my sisters and I onto another long lived adventure. If rickshaws were originally designed for the social elite, and dad had a big wheelbarrow out back, obviously we were going to get in on that. It's funny how being pushed or pulled in something make you feel a part of the elite! Pull me in a wagon! push me in a chair! common demands of children in the upper class, presumably! Well yes, my dad had a huge wheelbarrow. It was enough to fit 3 kids comfortably across on the inside, which was enough weight to put the puller in danger of exhaustion with such weight (just like a real rickshaw!). We didn't usually pack it full, instead we took turns 2 riding, 2 pulling (b/c surprisingly, dad didn't want to be a part of this type of event)... and yes, up and down 9 mile. It barely fit on the sidewalk, but it was close enough, and always a ton of fun!

PuddleJumper: My parents didn't have a paved driveway until I was in high school. Before then, we called it "rock", although honestly, it was mostly dirt. And with dirt, you get holes, and with holes, you get puddles. Sometimes after (or during) a good rain, we would go outside and splash! We'd jump, and squeal, and love every drop of it.

DakotaYachtsAndBarnaby: A fact about the Moiseeff family: my parents didn't get cable until I was in college. With that, a lot of my childhood was spent with public tv and vhs tapes. 3 movies in particular (for reasons I can't quite figure out) made a constant rotation. The Family Band, Overboard, and Babes & Toyland. Those 3 combined, probably made up 50% of my movie watching for a good chunk of years. I still don't really get it.

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